Thursday, December 22, 2011

As the year approaches to its end, I have been pondering and wondering where I fit in today's world.

The baby boomers have set out to radically change the world 50 years ago and that coupled with all the fast track technological advances have really changed the way we think about life.

People complain that life was too rigid in the past. I have not lived in the past myself, but as a vintage inspired housewife, I observed that people have in a way replaced rigidity for another form of socially accepted rigidity. I mean by that that too many young girls feel pressured to dress immodestly in order to be cool and engage in activities that are too mature for their age to comprehend. When we have more choices, we tend to go total reverse! Secondly, the choice for a woman and her spouse to stay home has been marginalized. You all know how I feel about that!

I think that there are many good paths in life and that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. I am tired of seeing intolerance, hypocrisy, dishonesty, mocking and trying to fit everyone into a box or stereotype. There are a lot of gray areas in life that aren't black or white and I think that we need more love, tolerance, compassion, empathy, charity and kindness in this world. It's always the same old story, isn't it! Peace on Earth! :)

So take somebody that loves to work for example. That's great she is happy! But let's say she starts telling housewives they are worthless. If she is so happy, why does she want everyone to be exactly like her? We have a big lack of boundaries today. We feel like telling our opinions to everyone, even perfect strangers, about our own definitions of happiness. The beauty of this world is that we were all created different in order to complement each other! Just like I couldn't tell everyone to be exactly like me, I see it everyday how impolite and ill mannered we have become.

So these thoughts aren't just about feminist vs. housewife, but about different views of happiness being pushed on people from others' ideals of life. I think it is time we all cool down and enjoy life a little more and each other's differences, don't you think? That's what I wish for the world to embrace. So let's all keep an open mind to those who are different than us and love one another! All the nitpicking is tiring. I learn from others that are different than me and I think they also learn from me!

So whether you are happy being a homemaker, part time or full time worker: embrace your individuality and do not go with what the current societal trend goes by! The old saying, "The more it changes, the more it stays the same" is true for we have not learned to be more tolerant despite all the technological advances. We have solved some problems, created new problems and not dealt with old existing ones.

So I will be back probably after the Holidays! I wish you all a wonderful season blessed with the ones you love.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christina Hoff Sommers

Former college philosophy professor and feminist Christina Hoff Sommers has been challenging the way feminism has turned out by writing a few books and articles about it. She is really smart and I really recommend her writings. She makes a distinction between equity feminism and gender feminism: she says that equity feminism is about the rights for women to study, work and be treated well, but that gender feminism is about viewing men as the enemy and not acknowledging the natural differences betwen genders.

She has defended the choice for women to be conventional wives and mothers, and has been criticizing the feminists who have been putting out false statistics regarding rape, abuse and anorexia. I don't call myself a feminist but I very much agree with equity feminism.

For more info, here's an interview with her:

Friday, December 16, 2011

With all that shopping...

I am so glad I am finally back home! The stores are crazy during this time of year! I am a total self admitted homebody! :) Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In praise of the Duggars

In light of the Duggars's recent pregnancy and unfortunate miscarriage announcements, the Internet has gone viral with opinions that are for the most part negative.

I have been fascinated with this family for years: Michelle's calm mothering, Jim Bob's love toward her and the children as well as the great behavior and character their kids demonstrate. They live debt free and seem like a close-knit family.

For me, none of the negative opinions make sense. The kids are happy and well cared for. I don't know why we have gone from a baby boom to only being tolerant of families with one or two kids. Where I live, the replacement rate is well below two kids a family and the government encourages immigrants to come. If a family has enough love and ressources to welcome a large family, who are we to judge? It is definitely not for everyone of course. I think this whole "the personal is political" invented by the feminists has led to a view of children being burdens instead of blessings and a view of mothers "not being free enough", which I think is unfortunate and unnatural.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tips for a smoother morning

One of the things that really helps me stay organized is preparing for mornings! I am not a morning person but know that getting up early means I get a lot more things done before hubby comes home for dinner so we can spend our evenings relaxing.

On the evening before, I recommend:

-Cleaning dishes and doing a dishwasher load. If possible, putting all dishes away before the night will also help;
-Cleaning the dining room table, counters, sink;
-Washing the kitchen floor;
-Decluttering living areas;
-Putting the next day's clothes out;
-Defrosting meat for tomorrow's dinner;
-Writing a to-do list for the next day including errands;
-Checking your calender for reminders;
-Going to bed early!

Seeing a clean kitchen first thing in the morning definitely helps run the day smoother!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Everyday baking

I enjoy baking so much: just the preparations, putting an apron on, the nice smell coming out of the oven...I get tired of eggs and toast quickly so waking up to a homemade treat waiting for me is great!

I use whole wheat pastry flour or freshly ground whole wheat flour. I cut down the sugar to make it a third of the flour content. I bake heartier when it comes to special occasions, but I enjoy eating healthy at home.

Things I love baking:

-Zucchini bread
-Carrot muffins
-Apple cake
-Pumpkin muffins
-Bran muffins with dates
-Banana bread

Similarly to the smell of a stew, baking goods invade the home in such a lovely way! It even wakes my husband up from a nap! It is so easy to prepare as well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Be yourself!

One thing I've learned throughout the years is not to care about what other people think. It gets easier as I get older! I now ask myself: what do I want to do with my life? Do I want to see the glass half empty all the time and be influenced by others' opinions or do I want to look back on my life and be happy that I followed my interests?

It is not easy to be counter cultural, to feel like a bit of the odd one in our own neighborhood! That is why I think being a housewife in this day and age is not for the faint of heart.

We women have always shouldered a lot of responsibilities. We were told that we could have it all at the same time, but we know it was a lie! It is not only stressful but it doesn't lead to a peaceful life to try doing everything: something always has to give! I look back at the Greatest Generation: the one who lived through the war and the greatest depression and am in awe at what they accomplished and how easy they could find contentment and happiness. We are lucky to have shelters, grocery shops full of food, running water and electricity! Housewives would repair things and were good at stretching every dollar. I think we are the most underestimated group! We have always had a say and influence in our communities, and our home organization skills help decrease our husbands' stress, which in turns helps them perform better at work. Housewives with children also raise human beings which is the most difficult job!! That is something!

I believe the women's lib brought good change but at the cost of denegrating housewives, which I find shameful. We have always had great power of influence as women and should feel proud about what we do!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Home for the Holidays!

I love this time of year: the music, the snow, the vibe from the upcoming Holidays...Festivities are especially fun for us homemakers to create!

I think we need to keep it simple though for Christmas has become so materialistic. We need to give within our means and focus on what is truly important: family, joy, love! Why do most people get nostalgic at times? It is not money or things, but special memories. The old saying "Heart is where home is" is so true! In today's rush society and the pursuit of power, I think there is a need to come back to the source and stay grounded. We don't need more things! Do you remember what you received and gave last year? I don't! Sure it feels nice to receive and give, but I don't think it is healthy to charge items on credit cards that we can't pay off in time, yet people continue to do so. Awesome homemade gifts can be more thoughtful, as well as offering to help out at someone's home!

I just feel that material goods are helpful but too much can add such stress, especially if it lies in debt. My idea of fun is not to shop franctically with a ton of rushed people but to really create a lovely hospitable home for friends and family. What are your childhood holiday memories? Do you remember everything you received or the lovely decorated home and fun with your parents and siblings? Definitely the latter for me! :)

So have the best of times preparing for the upcoming holidays!

Friday, December 2, 2011

1-year blog anniversary!

I started writing this blog one year ago on this very same day! I have since learned more and grown in my fulfillment of being a homemaker.

I am looking forward to continue sharing my views with all of you!