Monday, October 31, 2011

Stretching every dollar

I find frugality to be challenging and fun! It is not a deprivation sentence, on the contrary! Making homemade items that save money may take more time ane energy than buying them, but the long term savings are definitely worth it, plus we get our creative side going!

Things that could be made include:

-Daily bread
-Laundry detergent
-Homemade cleaners
-Homemade soap
-Clothes, scarves
-Chicken broth
-Stews made with cheap cuts of meat

Mending and repairing our possessions also goes a long way. No matter what your income is, being frugal is important especially in this economy. We should aim to save more money for emergencies and our future. Our families that went through the war and the Great Depression certainly were excellent in saving and valuing their dollars!

Do you have any frugal tips to share?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Back on my feet

I had trouble posting all week due to a bug on Blogger! So now I am posting on another browser and it seems to work..

 I am feeling much better now! The flu hit both DH and I pretty hard and it feels good to finally catch up with my cooking and cleaning!

I love this quote from David O. McKay:

"No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home"

 I think it is so true and often times sadly forgotten in this day and age! Home is the backbone of society and we must take care of our families. No matter what public success we might have, it is important that we create a stable environment for our families to thrive in. Homemaking is not about being a maid or a doormat: it is truly a dedication of ourselves. So I hope you never underestimate the importance of what you do! Have a nice homemaking weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seeking old-fashioned wisdom in today's modern times

It astonishes me how many couples lead separate, almost single lives. From their total separation of finances, to posessions and friends, so many women and men have been endoctrined by the feminist mentality and feel that society has advanced much for the better so there is no need to look at the past for inspiration.

While I agree there have been many advancements, I think we have both advanced and regressed in the realm of personal relationships. Women are told and told again that in order to have success, they must have a great career. Even volunteerism and helping everyone but their own families is seen as better than being a full time homemaker. But here is the thing: this doesn't work in marriage, which is a selfless commitment to the person you chose to spend your life with. It is a spiritual manner, not a materialistic ideal. Living like roommates in the fear of being dependent is a recipe for disaster. Marriage and relationships have been redefined for the worst in my opinion with the individualist approach society is now centered on.

Living a frugal lifestyle is very possible on one income. But most of all, being a homekeeper is a responsibility, an honor and a duty and cannot be defined like a typical career with a rigid schedule. It is a vocation that one does for the love of her family, to make life flow better and to give her talents. It is not about what I can get from it, but how does my family benefit from my work at home therefore making me feel happy about it. Doing something for yourself first and foremost will always make you feel miserable because it will never feel like enough. We women are natural nurturers and givers. We are highly influential toward our men and children, which in turns does influence society in a way. Never underestimate the power of a wife for she can as easily enrich the lives of her loved ones as she can foolishly bring them down.

In the weird self therapy society has embraced, making excuses for bad behavior and questionable morals (it seems like everything goes in the land of self expression, choices and happiness nowadays!), we have become too self centered and not family centered enough.

Feminists would like all to believe that Western women were treated like Muslim women from extremist countries before they came to "save us" from our home life, marriage and child rearing, which is far from true. I think in many ways, homemakers are more free with their daily lives and don't need to keep up with a job's expenses and stresses.

So have a little old fashioned feel in your life. Slowing down and appreciating what life is truly about is respecting all of our life's blessings and feel contentment at home.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Saving money on breakfast

Taking the time to prepare homemade breakfasts makes a big difference in your pocketbook and waist line! I love to make muffins using whole wheat flour, breads such as zucchini bread, buttermilk pancakes and of course, fresh eggs! Steel cut oats are also cheap and delicious, so is apple crumble! We reserve bacon and sausages for special occasions. Homemade coffee is definitely cheaper than store bought. Freshly made berry smoothies are so refreshing. Next I'd love to get a waffle maker!

Instead of boxed cold cereals and prepackaged pastries, we can go far in taking some time to make something for our families and they will surely appreciate it!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why has society changed so much?

How did we go from expecting and respecting women in their homemaker role to then go to the complete opposite view of not respecting homemakers?

I really wonder why society took a 180 degree turn in this regard. Well, the '60s feminist movement took a big part in this. It is a movement that started out with great potential, but ended up going too far. I don't understand, granted with the values I grew up with, why many feminists demean the mothering role and claim that day cares are much better for children. Even moderate feminists feel rather apologetic when they answer SAHM to questions about what they do.

It used to be that men and fathers took great pride in providing for their wives and children, but now, we have more and more men who at 30, are still quite immature and not ready for marriage. No matter how independent a woman might be, she still secretly wishes she could be taken care of. Relationships are more important than careers. You can easily be replaced at work, but no one can be a mother for your kids than you.

Now many women tell me that with today's cost of living, we now have no choice but to be a two-income family. Don't they realize that the reason our cost of living is geared this way is directly linked to more people earning a wage and consuming? Maybe we do need to learn from this recession, just as our grandparents learned to save after the Great Depression. Somehow, I have a feeling that people will continue overspending, sadly enough.

That's where the role of the housewife comes into play: she saves money for the whole family by having the time to do her homemaking! My grandmother was excellent in this role: owning a house, a car, volunteering for church, growing her own vegetables and canning them, budgeting well, all this on a small income!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dreaming of a country life

I grew up in suburbia and have always resided in suburbs. Same for hubby. I love to visit the countryside on the weekends as it keeps me connected to nature. I loved growing up in suburbia, but times have changed so much that I don't really like it that much anymore. It is convenient for shopping and work distance, but I long to live in a beautiful country house that feels like a home on a secluded land where we could live in peace as a family. It may be possible one day as we live close enough to the country, but it would definitely have cons as well including commuting and the cost of gas, wear and tear on our car.

I feel that suburbs have become increasingly unaffordable to single income families and that we could find cheaper housing in the country, plus we could certainly find more people that adhere to a simple living lifestyle who are less stressed by the daily hassles of life.

Who knows what may happen! For now, I dream!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wow, thank you!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, everyone! I've never had so many in a row! :)

As for logging in to comment, I still don't know what the issue is as I allow everyone to post, including logging in with a Google account...I will look more into this! Also, my links don't seem to work. I am rather not great at computers, so I will ask hubby to help! I also want to redesign my blog but I do like its simplicity for now!

I am still sick, but able to do basic home maintenance. I hope you all have a great day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

What I love about staying home

The things I love about staying home and making a home:

-Mornings are spent eating a nice breakfast with hubby before he goes to work
-No need to rush to go to a job
-Laundry is washed and put away in the morning
-I have the time to clean, cook and organize our home during the day
-I shop during less busy hours
-Paying bills and budgeting, taking the load off DH's
-Have the time to learn new money saving homemaking skills
-Having the flexibility with my time and schedule
-Exercise during the day
-Breaks include a good book to read and a nice cup of tea
-A home cooked, healthy dinner awaits DH
-Brown bagging his lunches
-Spend my evenings relaxing with DH instead of catching up with errands and cleaning after work

No job is more satisfying to me than homemaking. It is an important set of skills to have and is even more so important in these hard economic times. A hand made life is so rewarding! My husband works long hours and the last thing he wants to do when he comes home is clean and organize the home. I am glad I help him out and provide a relaxing environment to come home to. I think we modern wives should be a bit kinder to our men, who work so hard to provide for us!

Now if I only could get over this flu and be able to fully manage our home again...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fighting the flu...

I have been fighting the flu for over a week now, so I will write a proper post when I feel better!

Meanwhile, thank you for reading my blog!